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Louise Kierkegaard, VD/medgrundare, CaCharge

CaCharge secures 2,1 MEUR funding to create a mass-market for electric cars

The e-mobility company CaCharge is pleased to announce the completion of a 2,1 MEUR investment from experienced investors to expand in Europe. CaCharge’s business model makes it profitable to invest in charging points while drivers benefit from a reasonable mileage rate. The investors include Stefan Bengtsson of CSB Capital; Mikael Ahlström founder of Procuritas; Lars Appelstål …

CaCharge har lösningen för storskaliga laddplatser som infartsparkeringar och garageplatser.

A view on tomorrow’s parking

The City of Stockholm has a vision to improve the mobility of the city for pedestrians, cyclists and new mobile transport services. At the same time, more and more people are moving in the inner city, making mobility crucial for the vision to become reality. This is a question of how sustainable parking garages lead …

Laddning i Arenagaraget

CaCharge enables Fabege’s tenants to charge their cars in the Arenagaraget

Fabege and CaCharge are collaborating to install charging points for electric cars in Fabege’s property portfolio. Multiple installations have been carried out to date, the largest being in Arenagaraget in Solna, Stockholm with 50 charging points initially. Fabege builds and manages sustainable neighbourhoods and wants to offer tenants several charging points in their properties. Fabege has chosen …