The e-mobility company CaCharge and the parking company Smart Parkering Sverige AB enters partnership

CaCharges intelligenta lösning för elbilsladdning

The e-mobility company CaCharge and the parking company Smart Parkering Sverige AB have signed a cooperation agreement for the delivery of charging solutions for electric vehicles to common customers across the country. The collaboration means that Smart Parkering Sverige AB and CaCharge can offer joint customers the maximum number of charging points within existing power outlets and flexible payment solutions. The ambitions are high and the first assignment has already begun.

Smart Parking Sweden AB manages over 120,000 parking spaces throughout Sweden. The company offers, among other things, tenant-owner associations and property owners technical parking solutions and management of parking spaces with a focus on efficiency and sustainability with the environment in focus.

As part of Smart Parkering Sverige AB’s continued development in sustainability, the company will expand its investment in electric car charging with CaCharge. The concept is optimized for customers and partners to be able to offer many charging sites that can be easily scaled up as demand for charging sites increases. This is achieved through a maximum number of charging points within the existing power outlet, a solution that is easy to integrate with other systems and flexible payment solutions for all parties.

– Smart Parking Sweden AB obviously thinks it is very exciting to be able to offer our customers climate smart and efficient charging stations together with CaCharge. Together, we can offer our property owners, tenant-owner associations and customers an even smoother electric car charge and more unique solutions, Says Fatih Gencer, CEO of Smart Parking Sweden AB.

– Smart Parking Sweden AB creates a smooth, smart and comfortable parking experience that goes hand in hand with how CaCharge converts parking spaces into connected charging stations. Electric car charging should be a profitable and sustainable business for users and property owners, and together with Smart Parkering Sverige AB we can offer it, says Kurt Högnelid, CEO of CaCharge.

– Both Smart Parkering Sverige AB and CaCharge’s investments in innovative services suit the parties very well and create positive synergies for our customers. The collaboration is a big step in the direction of environmental improvements and sustainability. This means increased added value and allows for more conscious choice of charging stations”. says Fatih Gencer, CEO of Smart Parkering Sverige AB.

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