CaCharge enables Fabege’s tenants to charge their cars in the Arenagaraget

CaCharges intelligenta lösning för elbilsladdning

Laddning i Arenagaraget

Fabege and CaCharge are collaborating to install charging points for electric cars in Fabege’s property portfolio. Multiple installations have been carried out to date, the largest being in Arenagaraget in Solna, Stockholm with 50 charging points initially.

Fabege builds and manages sustainable neighbourhoods and wants to offer tenants several charging points in their properties. Fabege has chosen to co-operate with CaCharge in garages where cars stay parked for a long time, such as office garages. “For us, it was important that our investment resulted in many charging points for the majority of our tenants. Being able to offer CaCharge’s solution lets us meet our tenants’ growing need for charging facilities,” says Johnny Pettersson, Parking Manager at Fabege.

With a background in IoT (Internet of Things) and energy efficiency, CaCharge is a specialist in upgrading parking spaces to charging points, which improves the parking businesses of real estate companies. By focusing on parking spaces in office and residential properties, large-scale charging needs can be met in a cost-effective and resource-efficient way.

“The market is in an expansive phase, and Fabege is at the forefront of creating the conditions necessary for tenants to switch to a fossil-free fleet. This is in line with our vision that the parking spaces of the future will become charging points,” says Louise Kierkegaard, CEO of CaCharge.

CaCharge has developed a solution and business model that unlocks the mass market for electric cars; please read more on our website about how we are working to make Sweden fossil-free or call us on +46 (0)8-223377

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