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Electric vehicle or mobile phone
both can be charged the same way

Most of us charge our mobile phones during the workday or at night. An electric car can be charged in the same way. CaCharge ensures that the entire parking time is used to optimally distribute power between cars.

We belive that:

Both your wallet and the environment should benefit from an investment in charging stations.

Driving on electricity should be profitable.

Charging your car should be as simple as charging your mobile phone.

Expanding charging stations as demand increases should be simple.

Driving and parking patterns 
determine how cars are charged

Cars are charged where they are parked for extended periods of time. The parking time is then used optimally to distribute available power between cars. CaCharge’s solution utilises the electrical power capacity of the property as efficiently as possible.


Example: A 16A three-wire cable using CaCharge’s system can handle charging for up to 12 cars per working day and up to 18 cars per night.

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