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CaCharges intelligenta lösning för elbilsladdning

More efficient charging 
to a minimum investment

We make it easy, cost effective and energy efficient to upgrade parking spaces to charging stations. Our solution uses the entire parking time to efficiently distribute power between cars. Many cars can then be charged without expensive load peaks. 

Our complete solution

Connected charging boxes (Type 2, Mode 3) that communicate using the CaCharge system’s control and monitoring.

An intelligent charging system for load balancing and peak shaving. Cars are charged based on users’ driving and parking patterns and available electrical power capacity of a property. If needed, power meters are installed in the main electrical board of the property.

App and web solutions for authentication, payment and administration.

A scalable system allowing new stations to be added easily.

Smarter charging 

  CaCharge’s solution smooths out the energy consumption of the property and creates cost effective charging. The system retrieves knowledge from the car owner’s charging patterns and the property’s energy consumption. With this information, power is then distributed between the cars. The system selects which electrical phase to load at the moment, and thus also which cars to be charged. This prevents overloading of the property’s energy system and costly power peaks are cut.

Example: A 16A three-wire cable using CaCharge’s system can handle charging for up to 12 cars per working day and up to 18 cars per night. Conventional charging stations handle charging for three cars simultaneously on a 16A three-wire cable, which entails costly load peaks.

How our charging box works

Learn more about our charging box and cost effective installation.


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Would you like to know more, or to get a quote?

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