Charging boxes with complete EV charging solution

CaCharge offers a complete solution for charging electric vehicles – its own, Swedish-made charging box, control system, administration interface, statistics tool, associated app, and more.

Our charging boxes are optimised to charge the maximum number of cars using the electrical capacity available. CaCharge’s dynamic load balancing and power management avoids costly power peaks and ensures cost-effective charging of electric vehicles. We want everyone to be able to charge their electric vehicles in a sustainable and affordable way.

Dynamic load balancing and advanced power management with Charge Hub

CaCharge’s cloud-based Charge Hub control system adapts to your system and uses its available power optimally.

Load balancing, self-learning AI and dynamic phase selection even out the power and maximise the possible number of charging points.

Charge Hub can also control other brands of charging boxes, further enhancing the flexibility of the solution.

Connected charging box with dual sockets

Each CaCharge charging box has two charging sockets, making installation easier and reducing the cost per charging point.

The CaCharge charging box is developed and manufactured in Sweden. These charging boxes are connected, and the Charge Hub software, which is updated regularly, is monitored 24/7.

The charging boxes can be installed on either a charging post or a wall, and installation costs are minimised as a three-phase cable (up to 16 mm2) can be run in a chain to all charging boxes.

Install a scalable solution with 24/7 technical support

Manage your daily usage in the CaCharge app and pay in whatever way suits both the system owner and the user – via the app, against an invoice or as an integral part of an alternative payment method.

CaCharge manages and monitors the charging stations 24/7 and offers customer support to the system owner and users.

The CaCharge system uses open APIs and communicates with the CaCharge app and web solutions, as well as with other systems and customer interfaces. The aim of all this is to provide you with a simple and scalable solution for electric vehicle charging with minimal administration.

The charging calculator

CaCharge load balancing means you can offer the maximum number of charging points without reinforcing the grid. Find out your capacity using our smart calculator!


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