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We help real estate companies, parking companies, municipalities and tenant-owner associations looking for profitable and cost-effective solutions for their tenants, residents and employees.

We belive that:

Both your wallet and the environment should benefit from an investment in charging stations.

Driving on electricity should be profitable.

Charging your car should be as simple as charging your mobile phone.

Expanding charging stations as demand increases should be simple.

Our customer offer benefits everyone

The market’s most cost-effective charging box – adapted for charging at the workplace and at home.

Minimised investment in enhanced electricity supply to the property – our solution charges many cars within the property’s available electrical power capacity and meets the daily need for charging. The goal is to offer a low base investment per charging point and to give real estate companies the opportunity to improve their parking business.

Administration-free charging management – through our payment solutions and administrative services.

Simplified daily routine for drivers. The car is charged where it is parked, and the goal is that the motorist’s mileage cost of electricity should be significantly lower than the mileage cost of petrol or diesel.

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Customer collaborations

CaCharge has installed and operates hundreds of charging stations. We work with several large real estate companies and municipalities.


We are working with the Swedish real estate company Fabege to help them meet tenants’ growing need for charging facilities. We have upgraded most of Fabege’s garages to have charging facilities. The largest installation is in Globen Arena, with 60 spaces. “We have chosen to collaborate with CaCharge in garages where cars are parked for longer periods of time, such as office garages. We build and manage sustainable neighbourhoods and therefore want to offer our tenants multiple charging facilities in our properties. It was important to us that our investment result in many charging stations for the majority of our tenants. Being able to offer CaCharge’s solution has made it possible for us to meet tenants’ growing need for charging facilities.” Johnny Pettersson Springer, parking manager at Fabege. Click the image below to read the article in Dagens Industri (Swedish).

Upplands Väsby municipality

We are proud of our collaboration with Upplands Väsby municipality. We are helping them meet their residents and visitors’ need for electric car charging.
Together with the municipality, we make sustainable social development profitable. We believe this is necessary to realise the goal of a fossil free Sweden. By efficiently distributing power between cars, we are able to charge 34 cars with the power capacity required for a single speed charger. This motivates a large-scale investment in cost-effective charging stations. In the spring of 2018, the charging stations were opened by the Swedish government. Sweden’s Minister for Energy Ibrahim Baylan emphasised the importance of power balancing between cars.

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Would you like to know more, or to get a quote?

Get in touch using the form below or call us at +46 8 22 33 77

Some of our customers

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