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Marknadens smartaste elbilsladdning

CaCharge makes the EV boom possible – and sustainability profitable

CaCharge offers parking companies, utilities and other partners the opportunity to make EV charging profitable – for their customers, themselves and the EV drivers.

Forecasts indicate that there will be 124 million electric vehicles in the world by 2030. As the number of electric vehicles increases, the need to manage users, payments as well as to use available power in the smartest possible way, becomes urgent.

Cost optimised for large-scale charging
CaCharge operates with a unique business model with a sole focus on large parking areas at home and at work – where the car normally is parked. This is about 50 percent of the total EV charging market. Every single aspect of the CaCharge solution is cost-optimised for charging several cars in these parking areas. CaCharge offers a one-stop-shop with a complete solution that includes charging box, charging services, payments and operation/support

Vertically integrated business model
The vertically integrated business model allows for control of the margin distribution. A low initial investment and cost-effective charging service enable a rapid return on investment for property owners – and thereafter increased profitability from parking.

Growth through partnerships
CaCharge has rapidly established itself as a leading company on the Swedish market. For the continuing growth, the company is now entering partnerships with parking companies, utilities and other partners in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

With CaCharge the EV boom is made possible – and sustainability becomes financially profitable.

CaCharge was founded in 2015 by ICT entrepreneurs Kurt Högnelid, Louise Kierkegaard and Tomas Öquist.

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The CaCharge team

Kurt Högnelid, VD/medgrundare, CaCharge
Kurt Högnelid

CEO / co-founder

+46 73 358 68 00
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Maria Swedin, operation, CaCharge
Maria Swedin


+46 70 323 25 10
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Mårten Nyberg, försäljare, Cacharge
Mårten Nyberg

Head of sales

+46 70 727 57 90
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Jonas Wånander, försäljning, CaCharge
Jonas Wånander


+46 70 251 93 93
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Soheil Bakhtiari, försäljning, CaCharge
Soheil Bakhtiari

Sales / Marketing

+46 76 229 22 54
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Filip Aglöv, Försäljning, CaCharge
Filip Aglöv


+46 708 55 92 37
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Kurt Högnelid, VD/medgrundare, CaCharge
Thomas Poturaj


+46 73 815 61 42
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Lars Stenberg, teknik, CaCharge
Lars Stenberg


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Peter Magnusson, teknik, CaCharge
Peter Magnusson

System development

+46 73 334 47 04
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Kurt Högnelid, VD/medgrundare, CaCharge
Torbjörn Hellströmer

Operating and support techniques

+46 73 443 35 57
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Kurt Högnelid, VD/medgrundare, CaCharge

Operating and support techniques

+46 76 295 85 85
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Petter Salomonsson, Försäljning Norge, CaCharge
Petter Salomonsson

Sales Norway

+46 70 839 84 35
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