Laddplatser åt alla

Marknadens smartaste elbilsladdning hjälper dig att möta det växande behovet av laddplatser

Cut costs and optimise use of available power. 

CaCharge EV charging makes sustainability profitable.
CaCharge’s solution charges up to 18 cars per night. Conventional EV charging charges three cars in the same period of time.

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Parking companies

Upgrade your parking business and make a profitable investment with the CaCharge complete car charging solution.

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Energy companies & utilities

Increase the profitability of your business and that of your customers through the maximum number of charging spots within the available power.

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Other partners

Are you an installer or re-seller wishing to offer a large number of profitable charging spots at a low cost?

Our solution

Energy smart charging and multiple installations at a low cost.

  • Maximum number of charging spots within existing electricity capacity
  • Choose the service that suits your needs
  • Eliminate administration
  • Easily add more charging spots as the need increases


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Sustainability made financially profitable

CaCharge’s vision is a society where everyone can drive an EV. To achieve that goal we challenge the main cost and the most limited resource for everyone wishing to provide a large number of charging spots – electrical capacity in facilities.

Every single aspect of CaCharge’s solution is optimised to allow for multiple charging spots with a low km cost for the EV driver. Key is to utilise the complete parking time, cut current peaks and balance the EV charging with the properties’ complete electricity consumption. You cut costs and achieve a financially profitable business. Andthe EV boom is made possible at your property, region – and the whole world.

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