We charge cars like mobile phones!

We see the electric car as a battery that can be charged just like any other battery. So how do we charge our mobile phones and computers?

Most of us charge our batteries overnight or during work hours. Likewise, an electric car should be charged where it is parked for longer periods. We utilise the entire parking time to allocate power between cars in a resource-efficient way.

Our approach

  • A person drives an average of about 40 kilometres a day.
  • The average car stays parked 90% of the day and night.
  • It should be profitable to run on electricity rather than fossil fuels.
  • It should be economically and environmentally sustainable to invest in charging points.
  • It should be as easy to charge your car as it is to charge your mobile phone.
  • It should be easy to expand charging points as demand increases.

We charge cars based on users’ driving and parking patterns

Our premise is that cars should be charged where and when they are parked for longer periods of time. By utilising the entire parking slot, we can efficiently distribute power between charging cars. In this way, we make resourceful use of the capacity of a power source and encourage the expansion of more charging stations.

Example: A 16A three-wire cable, with the CaCharge system, can charge up to 12 cars in one working day and up to 18 cars in one night. Comparatively, a conventional charging station on a 16A three-wire cable can charge three cars in the same timeframe.

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