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We help real estate companies, parking companies, municipalities and tenant-owner associations seeking affordable solutions for their tenants, residents and employees.

We offer

  • The market’s most affordable charging station, adapted for charging at the workplace and at home.
  • Minimised investment in increased electricity supply to the property. Our system solution charges many cars within the property’s available electricity capacity and meets the daily need for charging. The goal is to offer a low investment per charging point and to give real estate companies the opportunity to improve their parking business.
  • Hassle-free charging management through our payment solutions and administrative services.
  • A simplified day to day routine for drivers. Cars are charged where they usually are parked, the aim being that the motorist’s mileage cost of electricity should be significantly lower than the mileage cost of petrol or diesel.

CaCharge has installed hundreds of charging stations and co-operates with several large real estate companies. Our customer Fabege has carried out a number of installations, where the largest is found in Arenagaraget in Solna, Stockholm with initially 50 charging points. Johnny Pettersson Springer, Parking Manager at Fabege, explains why they chose to work with us:

citat green2 We have chosen to collaborate with CaCharge in garages where cars are parked for a longer period of time, such as office garages. We build and manage sustainable neighbourhoods and therefore want to offer our tenants multiple charging facilities in our properties. For us, it was important that our investment result in several charging stations for most tenants. Being able to offer CaCharge’s solution has made it possible for us to meet tenants’ growing need for charging facilities.

More information for real estate companies, municipalities and parking companies.

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For tenant-owner associations, customised schemes that minimise the association’s investment and meet the growing needs of its members. Download our brochure here.


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